Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I really enjoyed Santa Elena, the cute little town we stayed this weekend in Monteverde. It was a change of pace to the busy life of the big city in San Jose. Because the town was so small, everyone new each other and it was nice to see familiar faces. Even the stray animals that wandered the streets seemed to recognize us. For the first time ever, I zip lined across the lush green forests, rappelled down gigantic trees, and even tarzaned off a cliff. I'm glad that my fear of heights didn't stop me from trying this once in a life time experience. We also hiked through the cloud forest where we saw all different kinds of wild life; it felt amazing to be one with the nature.

On the last day, a local told us of hiking sight not to far off from the town. This hiking sight was probably the highlight of my weekend; there stood a gigantic tree that we could climb from within as it was hollow. We climbed 30 feet upward with no cables or cords attached and although my legs were shaking and my heart was pounding, the view was unbelievable.

Ready for Zip Lining

Selfie with some Parrots

Taking a Cat Nap

Hike in the Cloud Forest 

Selfie After Climbing the 30ft Tree

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